The spirit of Panisseau is to produce wines of the highest quality that best reflect our exceptional terroir within the land of Bergerac. The specific climate and the unique soils of our estate is managed to high environmental standards using a low input system, promoting sustainable and ecological development. We organize our priorities around this ethos:

People : a happy team is an efficient team! Each person at Panisseau is aware of their importance in the structure. It takes time to find suitable team members, capable of filling the role that is given to them. Here at Panisseau, we value each member individually and appreciate their contribution to the whole project.Thanks to our team, our visitors and wine enthusiasts are also happy in turn! Each customer is important and we strive to make each visit to the property unique, an experience to be remembered. Each wine delivery is equally important to us since our customers are from all corners of the globe and many haven’t yet visited the property.

Passion : The passion runs deep here at Panisseau! Whether it’s the vines, the gîtes or the wine-tours, we speak with enthusiasm about our jobs. Always ready to lend a helping hand to each other if the need arises, it is this passion and our team work that makes Panisseau work.

Pleasure : Life is too short to drink bad wine! We want you to enjoy every moment, while being on vacations with us or having a glass of Panisseau with your family and friends. It is our pleasure.

Proactivity : We aim to anticipate your needs as a customer and offer different promotions at different times of the year to suit the seasons. We also plan ahead, trying to foresee our project in the future, to see changes in market trends, to follow new technologies to make better wines that are closer to nature. Our means of communication have recently extended to the world of social media where you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter. By keeping you informed of developments here at Panisseau, we hope to encourage more visitors to this region!