Panisseau Le Rosé

Panisseau Le Rosé

Bergerac Rosé

Appellation: Bergerac Rosé
Grape Varieties: 75% Cabernet Franc, 25% Merlot
Bottling date: February 2016
Alcohol: 13%
Total Acidity: 3.86 g/l
pH: 3.33

2015 was a very hot year in South West France. High temperatures from April through to August ensured quality produce and mild weather throughout September ensured a good maturation of the fruit.
Although yield remained relatively low due to a lack of rain throught the summer, causing the growth of smaller berries than usual, the 2015 vintage has been ranked as one of the best of the past decade .

Clay-limestone soil throughout the plots selected for our Rosé blend. The plants are located on visible bedrock and benefit from a south facing slope.

Fruits selected for the Rosé blend are harvested before dawn to ensure quality and freshness. Direct pressing after harvest.